Why Speechless Beauty

This company began as a science fair project.  With more research of what is in beauty products I realized this needed to change.

I decided to have all natural beauty  products  because  I know non natural beauty products have a lot of chemicals and they test it out on animals even if it hurts the animal ( I AM AN ANIMAL LOVER!! )  and chemicals can irritate your skin bad. I have sensitive skin so me and my mom have been looking for all natural so it does not hurt my skin. I have rashes on my skin so that’s why I use all natural but another reason I am doing this company is so other people who have sensitive skin won’t break out as much with all natural products.

Though this began as a science fair project it has blossomed into a business fair and I want to keep expanding it.


Emma Rose has worked very hard on this line of beauty products and through the many failed experiments she has found her signature line.  It is truly one of a kind.